4th of July STAR Award Winners

Here is a list of the STAR Award winners for the individual streets, as well as the Grand Patriotic Award winner for overall outstanding display for the entire neighborhood:
Stonecrest:  1402 – Dave & Louise Riley
Concord:      1404 – Steve & Beth Barton
Forsythe:      1409 – Don & Beverly Newbury
Potomac:      1402 – Peggy Butler & Robert Sanford
Flintwood:     1503 – Arby & Terri Arbogust
Mt. Vernon:   1008 – Randy & Pam Hagler
The MSNA Patriotic Award went to 1404 Flintwood – George & Heidi Walsh
We would also like to give Honorable Mention to 1403 Potomac, where Timothy (& Joseph) Brownlee had not only put up a lot of decorations, but also had some patriotic music playing aloud while Timothy (wearing patriotic attire & glasses) marched around the front yard carrying the American flag, as we drove by during the voting process!!   Certainly deserves an “A” for effort!!!!